June 2008


June 19, 2008 // 0 Comments

I have recently submitted a part of the book I have been working on about to China to a couple of online travel magazines for publication. I am very happy to announce that one of them has already uploaded the story, and it can be found by accessing the link you see below. http://www.talesofasia.com/rs-207-duckhead.html –Woo-Hoo! 🙂

10 Days to the wedding…

June 18, 2008 // 2 Comments

The last month has been nothing but a wierd mix of chaos. Wedding planning, an urgent trip to germany, etc… We are all set on this journey, which for me begins on Monday, with the arrival of my best man, William Bryan, and Tiny, both arriving in different countries at the same time. Best Man Billy will arrive in Hamburg and Tiny in Amsterdam. I will more than likely pick up Billy and then drive down to Amsterdam and meet up with Tiny. Then the next days will bring other important people into the picture as I begin the journey from my 35 years of single living to a married man. The transisition is an important part for me as I have been ready to shed the bachelor image that I have built internally and progress into the man that I have always wanted to be for the right person. Lili is that right person, without any shadow of any doubt. We have been through a tremendous amount in our short two […]

Obama/Hillary ’08, thoughts…

June 5, 2008 // 0 Comments

While in Germany, I have the chance to look at the presidental race from afar and I can tell you that the world seems to abuzz over Obama, so it seems that with or without Clinton, the White House is his to have. However, I would be stupid to think that the republicans are going to go down easy as a democratic president with the power of a guy like Obama will show the world just how underminded and criminal the last eight years of American politics have been. The question is, does Hillary pose a greater threat to the candidate than she is an asset? Will she try to steal the show or will she help groom the incoming Senator from Illinois? The questions seem simple enough, but only one thing is for certain: If the democratic leadership and Obama choose Clinton, they will see more voters that come out to vote republican because of this media fed hatred that the Clintons have in the public persona. Personally, I love Bill […]