April 2008

Road Trip Seattle to Mobile

April 22, 2008 // 0 Comments

Here are some links to the pictures from the trip Ben and I took out to my new home in Mobile… I am working on the short story of the trip, which I will post “soon”. Thanks to Ben for a great trip.Hope yaw’ll like the pics. Seattle to Mobile, Alabama Hogg's Visual Version of Seattle to Mobile

On The Move…. again….

April 3, 2008 // 1 Comment

Well, I have officially accepted and am currently making the preparations for moving to Mobile, Alabama. I was just in Mobile and New Orleans this weekend, speaking with people from my new company, NetPoint, which is doing all of the preparations for the upcoming Steel facility that is scheduled to open soon. My main decision for accepting the position comes from several angles, most importantly, the connection to Lili’s family (Her Dad has worked for NetPoint for years, in Sales and seems happy), which is going to be a key point in my family. I also have not been happy with Seattle for a very long time and its time for another change. I am going to use this time to go through my feelings about Seattle. First off, the weather is simply not appealing. The months of darkness, 4pm sunsets followed by cold winter days, with weeks of pure cloud coverage does not make this a very appealing place for someone like myself. Here we are in in the middle of […]