January 2008

Where is Hogg? Not sure, but he is 35.

January 23, 2008 // 0 Comments

Where am I? No, really? Where the fuck am I? So existential of me, I know. However, since turning 35 just a few days ago, I have been having a look at myself and thinking about it all. It seems that change is something that I have a desire for, mostly out of the need to be involved in the things that I hold dearly to life and not some of the habits that have come along for the ride. The point is that I am not sure where I am, but I do know its not a place I am comfortable with and I think that it shows. That is not to say that I think things are depressing or that I am unhappy, quite the opposite. I feel like I could be content, but that it would take enormous sacrifice and self-preservation. In the future, the thing to consider is that all of this, the chaos of life itself is not too bad, but you do have to take time […]

Chinese beat "Citizen Journalist" to Death

January 16, 2008 // 1 Comment

BEIJING, China (CNN) — Wei Wenhua was a model communist and is now a bloggers’ hero — a “citizen journalist” turned martyr. Wei Wenhua was beaten to death after he took pictures of a streetside fracas between villagers and authorities. 1 of 2 The construction company manager was driving his car when he witnessed an ugly scene: a team of about 50 city inspectors beating villagers who tried to block trucks from unloading trash near their homes. Wei took out his cell phone and began taking pictures. The city inspectors saw Wei and then attacked him in a beating that lasted five minutes. By the time it was over, the 41-year-old Wei was slumped unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital but was dead on arrival. His death earlier this month continues to stir controversy. In China’s mainstream media and in the blogosphere, angry Chinese are demanding action. After the Web site sina.com published news of Wei’s beating, readers promptly expressed their outrage. In one day alone, more than 8,000 posted comments. […]