April 2007

China not living up to its promises for Human Rights

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China not keeping its word on human rights, report saysBy Maureen Fan The Washington Post BEIJING — The 2008 Olympic Games have become a catalyst for more repression in China, not less, according to an Amnesty International report released Sunday and aimed at pressuring the Beijing government a year before the start of the world’s premier sporting event. The 22-page report says China’s illegal detention and imprisonment of activists and other measures have overshadowed some modest reforms, including how the Chinese legal system reviews death-penalty cases and the loosening of some restrictions on the foreign press. To win its first Olympics bid, China promised in 2001 to improve human rights, increase environmental protections and address the city’s traffic problems. The Games are expected to attract 500,000 visitors, including thousands of journalists, giving China a chance to showcase itself before a huge international audience. In recent weeks, however, various groups have begun arguing that China has not done enough. Last Wednesday, four American tourists were detained after unfurling a banner at a base […]

China and the US against prevention of global warming

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U.S., China team up to water down climate reportBy Michael Casey The Associated Press BANGKOK, Thailand — The United States and China want to water down a proposed plan for fighting climate change, arguing that action to reduce greenhouse gases will be more costly and time-consuming than scientists claim. They also play down the benefits of reducing emissions, disputing recommendations by European governments that greenhouse gases be capped at around 445 parts per million in the air. The current level of greenhouse gases is about 430 ppm. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a United Nations network of 2,000 scientists, drew up the plan. Governments have spent the last few weeks reviewing the proposals and are meeting with the scientists this week to work out their differences. The U.S. and Chinese comments, in documents reviewed by The Associated Press, are a precursor to what delegates expect will be a fight for much of the week to preserve the key conclusions of the draft IPCC report, which says emissions can be cut below […]

China warned on global warming effects

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BEIJING, China (Reuters) — Global warming could devastate China’s development, the nation’s first official survey of climate change warns, while insisting economic growth must come before greenhouse gas cuts. Hotter average global temperatures fueled by greenhouse gases mean that different regions of China are likely to suffer spreading deserts, worsening droughts and floods, shrinking glaciers and rising seas, the National Climate Change Assessment states. This environmental upheaval could derail the ruling Communist Party’s plans for sustainable development, a copy of the report obtained by Reuters says. “Climatic warming may have serious consequences for our environment of survival as China’s economic sectors, such as agriculture and coastal regions, suffer grave negative effects,” the report states. Fast-industrializing China could overtake the United States as the world’s top emitter of human-generated greenhouse gases as early as this year, and Beijing faces rising international calls to accept mandatory caps on carbon dioxide emissions from factories, fields and vehicles. But underscoring China’s commitment to achieving prosperity even as it braces for climate change, the report rejects emissions […]

China aims to further tame Web

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BEIJING, China (Reuters) — Chinese President Hu Jintao on Monday launched a campaign to rid the country’s sprawling Internet of “unhealthy” content and make it a springboard for Communist Party doctrine, state television reported. With Hu presiding, the Communist Party Politburo — its 24-member inner council — discussed cleaning up the Internet, state television reported. The meeting promised to place the often unruly medium more firmly under propaganda controls. “Development and administration of Internet culture must stick to the direction of socialist advanced culture, adhere to correct propaganda guidance,” said a summary of the meeting read on the news broadcast. “Internet cultural units must conscientiously take on the responsibility of encouraging development of a system of core socialist values.” The meeting was far from the first time China has sought to rein in the Internet. In January, Hu made a similar call to “purify” it, and there have been many such calls before. But the announcement indicated that Hu wants ever tighter controls as he braces for a series of political hurdles […]


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Just wanted to put out a short update. I have been working hard on the book, the editing of the blog is finished and the entries have been cataloged and edited. Its quite a process, but I am aiming for 10 pages a day, three days a week, thats 30 pages a week at a minimum. I am trying to have the first draft completed by June 15th, with the final draft ready for the end of summer. The initial publication will be self published and hopefully sent off to publishers, who will then set up a royalty package… 🙂 but I will not be holding my breath for that.The main need for publication is purely selfish. I want to be able to tell the stories of the true Chinese, not just in the places that are westernized and covered by the western media. I want the opportunity to express the views of China from my perspective before the Chinese government begin the propoganda parade for the Beijing Olympics next summer. This […]