June 2006

June 25, 2006 // 1 Comment

Red China…About the only true red that one tends to see anymore is the red eyes from the male dominated Bijuo dinners. China is no longer full of the reds as Americans once feared. No, the reds have been replaced by the almighty capitalists consumption and each time I visit a new city I see more and more of the same thing, rows and rows of shops selling horrible clothes at prices that these people cannot afford, and the shops are not full of the people that are briskly walking down all of the streets.. Lots of window shopping but so little of the real spending that one wonders how the shops actually manage to keep themselves in business.Perhaps it is like this because of low overhead, but there seems to be something else totally amiss about the Chinese and their idea of socialism. It is just very difficult to quantify all of it together and come up with a valid theory.Here is what is at issue1. Most of the people in […]

Chenzhou Diaries

June 24, 2006 // 0 Comments

New Years is about reviewing the past year in review. For me, 2005 was a pretty big year. I think most importantly, I moved to China. However, the year began on a totally different note. As January moved into focus, I moved in with Neil and Lisa to begin looking for a good job to be able to start paying back the huge debt I had accumulated from having the desire to go and finish my education. My friends were kind enough to bring me into their home and allow me time to find a job. What a depressing time indeed. In the span of a couple of months, I found little jobs here and there, but nothing amazing or even fun. I spent a good deal of time working hard in college to have something to show for when I came out–but there was nothing that really caught my eye. I went on several interviews for different positions to teach in Japan, but the opportunities did not match what I was […]

June 22, 2006 // 0 Comments

Yes, these are Chinese people. The nicest ones, in my opinion. They are the merchants all around China and they are from Xiangjang province. They primarily do a lovely mutton stick BBQ, which I find to be quite lovely. This was taken late in the evening at outside one of the pubs following a world cup match. Have you seen “A Life Aqautic?”“He got the crazy eye!!!” Ahhh, sob sob… The farewell banquet.From the left,Zhifeng Chen “Bob” Foreign Affairs DirectorMr. Chen Chair of the Communist Party and reigning Bijui Champion.The Xiangnan University PresidentTimothy Hogg, ChenZhou IconThe Xiangna University Vice PresidentApple, Head of Another Department simillar to ours. And the whole gang… Same as before, with Mr. Cable, or Cable Guy as I call him and some random woman I might know. Cable is my official boss and a really nice guy with a heart of gold. He would do quite well in America. 

June 22, 2006 // 0 Comments

Sometimes change happens so quickly you it is difficult to have much reaction to it all. This week that transistion is certainly happenening to me. I am half way done with my first year of teaching and it seems unreal. The exams are going very well–the students are certainly surprising me with their views on literature and the class and I feel quite accomplished. Its a pretty amazing thing to see the change is people processing skills because of something that you have done for them. Before I began to teach these kids, they knew nothing of literature, they didnt know how to use the internet for anything but talking online and playing games and now, its different and you can see it in their writing and the way that they have prepared their exams. Most of the students have come into the class and have been really well prepared to take the exam. This makes it more difficult to leave the campus.Before, I think I was spacing myself from them, finding […]

World Cup 2006

June 11, 2006 // 0 Comments

World Cup Opening Night in Chenzhou… Where Chris and I were the two celebrities of the night. We were invited for what turned out to be a very nice meal in one of the main hotels and then taken to a new club that was decked out for the event. We painted our faces for the event and were told that we could drink for free the entire night. No Problem!!!However I have realized that Free Drinks is more costly than paying for your drinks as I discovered the next morning when I woke up with a spliting headache from the previous evenings events. Last night we watched the games at McDonalds, who are one of the main sponsers of the event and we were invited to go and watch the game for free food and since there was no way I was going to drink, it turned out to be a nice event. This shot is me practicing my Karate moves with a kid that kept coming over to our table […]

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