December 2005

Chenzhou Diaries

December 27, 2005 // 0 Comments

For the most part I have been nothing but a big slacker when it comes to this blog for the last couple of weeks. This is due in part to many different things, mostly because I have been slammed with many things that take up the days. First, the trip to hainan. Second, upon my return, I was stunned to discover that most of my students had cheated on their papers that they were to have turned in while I was gone. So, it has been slow going in grading them. Thirdly, the holidays. The chinses are very concerned that I have a good time and enjoy myself, so I have been to countless dinners and such since my arrival back from Hainan–which is nice, but the food has been spicy and my stomach had rejected most of it either because of the spice or because of the ridiculous fucking MSG. Tonight we dined with the president of the uni–who was a nice guy and the food was just great. A lovely […]

Santa Hogger

December 24, 2005 // 0 Comments

Season’s Greetings to you all. As per usual, I am enjoying the holidays…. I’ll be back in full swing in the next couple of days, but I am dealing with another case of bad chinese food again and trying to finish the book Papillion. I hope everyone is doing well. These were taken just yesterday. I am the assed out Santa–what a blast.


December 18, 2005 // 0 Comments

The sun has now set upon Sanya once again and the fireworks barrage has begun. This is my second night here in this furthest city in China. The island of Hainan is sleepy and peaceful, but it will not be this way for very long. Huge buildings are being erected just like everywhere else in China as the country goes through a construction movement that leaves foreigeners like myself wondering who they are building all of these for?Here in hainan the problem is perhaps more pronounced as the buildings that have been built are all empty and one wonders who in China would be able to afford these places if they were to come south.To the foreigner, Hainan is a place of unbridled beauty–beautiful tropical sun which I have never really experienced before, andy beaches with far less people on them than one would expect. If you keep your eyes focused on the sea, it makes for a really lovely place, but if you turn around and see the skeletons of the […]

Chenzhou Diaries

December 14, 2005 // 0 Comments

A blog entry that I will write at another time has to do with this statue. Part of the huge building that is going on in China is also the creation of these new historic parks. Basically, to help develop tourism internally, the local governments in China are basically developing these scenic parks in which they design new copies of old buildings and charge huge prices for the public to come and view them. This is a picture of one of the statues in such a park. I will send more pictures of this at another time. Its an interesting thing to watch out for in China–the land of imitation. This little girl is from the school where I was an acting judge for a compitition. She was by far one of the cutest. They teach these kids how to speak English through action–so they learn songs and action moves to go along with them. Think Britney Spears on Star search. Two of my favorite students. Natalee and Honey. I play badminton […]

Off To Hainan…

December 10, 2005 // 0 Comments

Finally, a break. The last couple of weeks have been a bit tedious–dreadfully cold weather, rain, gloom. The weather mixed with the students anger that I am making them write a final paper on a book that they have read this semester *they have NEVER written a paper before*, it is time to take a little bit of a break before having to lock myself in my apartment for two weeks and grade 6-9page essays. One solid week of nothing but warm, sandy beaches and relaxation await me in Hainan. I will be leaving for the Hainan area next wednesday afternoon. Hainan is recently very famous for its recent hosting of the Miss World finals, which are held in Sanya, in the southern end of the island. Hainan has similar weather to Hawaii–hence why it is known as Chinese Hawaiian Island. A week in Hainan, followed by two weeks in Chenzhou grading term papers, followed by a month long vacation. I will start the journey in Hong Kong or Guangzhou for my […]

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