May 2005

Community Supported Ag

May 30, 2005 // 0 Comments

The Business of Food: CSAs for SinglesHealth! Self-esteem! Romance! All just a carrot away!by Ritzy Ryciak Good, good for you, and pretty to boot.(Karen Steichen) Even if you eat out five days a week, you’ve probably at least heard about CSAs. Community- supported agriculture is a rapidly growing movement to directly connect local food producers with urban consumers through weekly shipments of what’s freshest and best of the season. There are already more than 70 farms in Washington state shipping to subscribers, who pay either a lump sum or in installments through the season, thereby securing the farmers a guaranteed market and a fair price and assuring a supply of first-rate produce for buyers. There’s just one problem with CSAs, and it’s a big one. Most such programs are designed for that statistically average family of four, and among urban households, that number’s just not statistically average any more. We may be tempted when listening to friends who are members of a CSA rave about their weekly baskets overflowing with seasonal, organic, […]

In Memorial

May 30, 2005 // 0 Comments

W stands for War. For most people, this memorial day will be one of BBQ’s, shopping and relaxation. Memorial Day weekend usually marks the beginning of the summer season, the change is weather and a moment to reflect on the people that work hard to keep our country safe from harm. Well, this year I cannot help but feel a slight tinge of remorse for the soldiers that are fighting war that is not protecting our soil as the military markets their cause. Men and women, most with little or no other opportunities enter the military as a way out of their lives here in America. However, now that this “war” takes more and more lives, recruitment of the armed forces is plummeting down, even in neighbourhoods that are overflowing with poverty. People would rather be poor than dead. So, today, I am going to think of the poor of this country that gave their lives to a marketing effort that makes them feel like they are defending their country when they […]

May 26, 2005 // 0 Comments

These are all shots of the rain storm that we had last week in Seattle. The view is from the office that I work at on 3rd Avenue. It is nice to look at these pictures given the glorious weather that we are having this week.

The Matte’

May 23, 2005 // 0 Comments

Yerba Mate, or Mate as it is often called, is a South American herb that has won many admirers in wide-ranging parts of the world. In the search for a natural stimulant devoid of side effects and toxicity, Mate currently holds the most hope. An invigorator of the mind and body, a natural source of nutrition, and a health promoter par excellence, Mate deserves the attention of every person interested in optimum health. Yerba Mate was introduced to colonizing and modern civilizations by the primitive Guarani Indians of Paraguay and Argentina. It has seemingly always been the most common ingredient in household cures of the Guarani. In modern Argentina and Paraguay, however, Mate tea has become almost pathologically ritualized in a manner reminiscent of coffee and tea abuse in Western and Eastern countries. Among the native Guarani, on the other hand, the natural use of Mate for healthful purposes has persisted. They use it to boost immunity, cleanse and detoxify the blood, tone the nervous system, restore youthful hair color, retard aging, […]

Yerba Mate and the force part deux

May 23, 2005 // 0 Comments

No exciting pictures to go with the story, but what a nice weekend. Today I awoke a little hungover from the Rum and other substances trickling through my somewhat clogged arteries brought a little too early morning for the Hogg, but going back to bed was the sweetest feeling I could ever imagine. I was awakened early in the afternoon with an invitation to go and see the latest Star Wars again which was about all I could muster for the afternoon. What a good film. Yes, it is a little boring the second time around, but you begin to notice the key elements of the film that you miss the first go round. At 2:15, I am amazed that I have managed to sit through it twice without so much as even wondering about the time. There is just so much going on in this one that there is really no time to think about the time wasted. The thing that I keep thinking about is how closely this latest film […]

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