The Culture of Celebrity

May 24, 2017 // 0 Comments

I remember as a young kid my grandmother would always get the National Enquirer in the checkout lanes in the supermarket.  My parents used to laugh because she would believe all that celebrity gossip that went on in that rag, even though they spent a lot of time fighting slander lawsuits.  She died before the internet really took hold, but its really amazing to see how the National Inquirer no longer exists but the internet has replaced it ten fold.  The news breaks immediately, everyone sends out the same scoop and then they spend the next several days getting any additional information about a “news event” to push viewers to their site to view their content and advertising. Take for example the recent death of Chris Cornell.  I get a text alert at 3am on Thursday morning, informing me of his death in Detroit.  No cause of death, just that he is dead.  By the time I wake up at 7am, still no cause. but by 8am it appears that he may […]

Greetings From The Wall

April 23, 2017 // 0 Comments

        Where is Hogg? I have been traveling quite a bit in the last couple of months– all of it for work. First off, work travel generally sucks.  Airlines these days, suck.  Companies rarely let you travel business class and coach is always packed to the gills.  Then there is work, then the hotel and that’s about it.  Very little time to actually travel, see the sights, let alone scope out a place to get a decent meal.  My last couple trips have been to some of my favorite cities, Chicago and Phoenix.  Both great towns, while at the same time they have some crappy parts to them.  For this particular blog, we will discuss Phoenix.  I’ll tackle Chicago at another time. I love being in the Southwest in the spring.  It’s a great break from the LONG, wet winters of Seattle, the gray can get to anyone this time of year, so it’s nice to come out to the desert and get some Vitamin D in your system.  […]

Less than 100 days

March 22, 2017 // 0 Comments

Facebook has gone noticeably numb over the political shitstorm that has endured over the last 56 days.  People are sick and tired on both ends of the debate, tired of the daily news that everything this administration has touched has had some kind of colossal fuck up attached to it.  Unless of course, you just solely watch FOX NEWS for all of your government spin-then everything has been going swimmingly. But, most of us aren’t that dumb. The southwestern border has seen 40% less illegal border crossings since President Trump began his tirade against the illegals.  Great work if you think illegal immigrants are the source of all the problems in this country. This isn’t the top news of the day, no today’s top news came from the Republicans have finally released details of their replacement of ObamaCare and its not even expected to pass a Republican controlled Senate.  Its a paper that was turned in just before the deadline by a bunch of drunk frat bros just trying to get the […]

Rich White Oil Men

December 14, 2016 // 0 Comments

I wish I would have had more of the kind of conversations I had last night before the election.  The fact of the matter is that for the last 18 months, we were all just making fun of the republicans because it appeared that the dark days of this country were behind us.  Obama wasn’t anything close to a good president, but he didn’t blow anything up.  Sure, the Affordible Care Act is a mess, sure he deported 2.5 million people, sure he conducted more drone strikes than other president (which really isnt saying much, given that drones just happened on the scene), but he was trying to do right by the American people. The American people have been robbed by their own people.  While some people make millions (billions even) out of nothing, ten times the amount of wealthy are living out of their cars right now.  We have more homeless people living in America than any other country and yet we fight over what kind of health care we shouldn’t […]

This Isn’t Us

December 2, 2016 // 0 Comments

First of all, I hate, hate, hate writing about this kind of thing, but the thing is, I have such a limited amount of time to write, I am just going to write about this because it’s easy enough to critique something so annoying.  Maybe this will lead to better things. I have been trying.  Trying to be patient that the NBC show This Is Us is going to come around, it’s going to make that magical turn into a great show like everyone else seems to think it is.  To me, it seems rehearsed, fake, unnatural.  The characters are so stereotypical. Lets review. 1. The fat chick. When I first saw this show, I was like, oh cool, another plus sized model– I hope she’s as funny as Megan McCartney.  Then I see that she is also dating a plus sized man– which, again, I was like sure.  Then I realized almost everything about this character is ALWAYS.ABOUT.HER.WEIGHT.  She breaks up with her boyfriend because he refuses to diet with her […]

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